Stabilizing agent of heavy metals

Extraction agent of heavy metals TJCQ101


Product use area: 
This product can be used in the leaching process of heavy metals of soil or mineral waste residue and so on. It can be used combined with high efficiency leaching agents like EDTA etc and realize the recycling of leaching agents and greatly reduce the cost of leaching process.


Product performance and advantages:
1)Strong chelating ability, stronger extraction ability compared with traditional agents;
2)Realizing the recycling of leaching agent like EDTA etc and greatly reduce the cost;
3)Realizing the separation, recycling and resource recovery.

Product use methods and matters needing attention:
1) This product is liquid and according to the need to match with a certain concentration when use;
2) Attention fully mixing when diluted;
3) Pay attention to the protection when using, avoid direct contact;
4) Through the experiment, determine the optimal dosing quantity of this product;
5) Product is bottled, stored in a cool and dry place.