Stabilizing agent of heavy metals

Capture agent of heavy metals of wastewater TJWS101


Product use area:
This product is appropriate for the treatment of electroplating, electronics and metallurgy sewage containing Cr, Ni, Pb, Cu, Cd Hg and Cd etc. Adopting the heavy metal capturing agent can reach the new national standard for the effluent which could not meet the emission standard by conventional alkali neutralization. The treatment process is not affected by the pH of the raw water, and the heavy metal salt can be separated and recovered to realize the resource disposal.

Product performance and advantages:
1)This product is a kind of dendritic polymers, having larger molecular weight compared to the traditional agents and less agent dosing quantity to achieve the same effect;
2)No requirement of raw water pH, do not need to adjust pH before processing;
3)Depositing vanadium flowers is larger and settling effect is better;

Product use methods and matters needing attention:
1) This product is liquid and according to the need to match with a certain concentration when use;
2) Attention fully mixing when diluted;
3) Pay attention to the protection when using, avoid direct contact;
4) Through the experiment, determine the optimal dosing quantity of this product;
5) Product is bottled, stored in a cool and dry place.