Stabilizing agent of heavy metals

Stabilizing Agent of Heavy Metals of Soil TJTR101


Product use: For the stability of soil heavy metals, reduce the effective state and potential effective state in the soil heavy metal content. Realizing the depth repair of the soil heavy metal pollution, reduce the risk of heavy metal enrichment in plant body.

Product performance and advantages:
1)First innovation in the dendritic polymer nanotechnology applications in the field of soil heavy metal stabilization: functional dendritic polymers in soil medium react with heavy metals and form cheating products, resisting the erosion caused by outside acidic environment and reducing the available heavy metals and potential available heavy metals at the same time;
2)This product chelating with heavy metals and form stable chelating products which have structures similar to space grid and realize the special package of heavy metals in soil;
3)High efficiency in stabilization of heavy metals in soil. Stabilization with dosage of 0.5% in weight can ensure the stabilization effect.

Repair effect is up to standard: 
GB 15618-1995《Environmental quality standard for soils》

Product use methods and matters needing attention:
1) Liquid product with solid content is about 40%, according to the need to match with a certain concentration when use;
2) Attention fully mixing when diluted;
3) Pay attention to the protection when using, avoid direct contact;
4) Through the experiment, determine the optimal dosing quantity of this product;
5) Product is bottled, stored in a cool and dry place.