Stabilizing agent of heavy metals
  • Capture agent of heavy metals of wastewater TJWS101

    This product is appropriate for the treatment of electroplating, electronics and metallurgy sewage containing Cr, Ni, Pb, Cu, Cd Hg and Cd etc. Adopting the heavy metal capturing agent can reach the new national standard for the effluent which could not meet the emission standard by conventional alkali neutralization. 

  • Stabilizing Agent of Heavy Metals of MSWI Fly Ash TJFH101

    used for the stability of heavy metals of MSWI fly ash, fly ash after processing meet sanitary landfill standards, at the same time can be used for other purposes.

  • Extraction agent of heavy metals TJCQ101

    This product can be used in the leaching process of heavy metals of soil or mineral waste residue and so on. It can be used combined with high efficiency leaching agents like EDTA etc and realize the recycling of leaching agents and greatly reduce the cost of leaching process.

  • Repair agent of heavy metals of contaminated sites TJCD101

    This product can be used in heavy metal contaminated sites (including river sediment, abandoned factories, mining areas, etc)

  • Stabilizing Agent of Heavy Metals of Soil TJTR101

    For the stability of soil heavy metals, reduce the effective state and potential effective state in the soil heavy metal content. Realizing the depth repair of the soil heavy metal pollution, reduce the risk of heavy metal enrichment in plant body.