Remedy technology of heavy metals

Remedy technology of heavy metals soil pollution and contaminated sites

       Our team has developed “Remedy technology of heavy metals soil pollution and contaminated sites”. We use new heavy metal capture agents - functionalized nano dendrimer to stabilize heavy metals in contaminated soil and sites, and can also be combined with conventional chemical leaching technology to remove heavy metals pollution. The technique can be divided into in-situ stabilization remediation and ex-situ leaching remediation by application methods. The technology of in-situ stabilization remediation is a method that stabilizes heavy metals in soil by the addition of heavy metal capture agents and reduces mobility and bioavailability of heavy metals. The technology of ex-situ leaching remediation is a method that excavated soil from the land is mixed with leaching agents within specific containers, then the leaching liquid waste containing contaminants and cleaning soil in the mixture is separated through solid-liquid separation technology, and then the waste or sludge is for further processing.

       According to the size of contaminated sites with heavy metal pollution, pollution sources, pollution levels and other specific circumstances, we decided to use in-situ stabilization remediation, ex-situ leaching remediation or combination of the two techniques. The general principle is: we select in-situ stabilization remediation for relatively light pollution, pollution depth is relatively low; we select the ex-situ leaching remediation or the combined method when the pollution is relatively heavy, pollution depth is relatively high. The final decision should be made at the end of the preliminary investigation and risk assessment.

        Stabilization technology can repair heavy metals contaminated soil, effectively stabilize heavy metals from contaminated soil and significantly reduce the leaching toxicity and bioavailability of heavy metals. The advantages of the technology are short repair time, efficient process, no affecting soil properties. Heavy metals have strong acid-resistance property after stabilization, can endure long-term natural changes in the environment to protect the long-term stability of the restorative effects; when using clean technologies to repair heavy metal contaminated soil and sites, heavy metal capture agents can efficiently precipitate heavy metals to achieve cyclic regeneration of leaching agent and reduce processing costs. For a single heavy metal contaminated sites we can clean heavy metals pollution but also achieve recovery and recycling of heavy metals. Currently, the technology has successfully applied for six patents, two US patents and has been successfully used in heavy metals contaminated soil and sites, and river sediment treatment.