• Coagulant for landscape water—TJR-101

    This product is polymerized of inorganic macromolecule coagulant and natural macromolecule flocculent during producing poly-aluminum chloride by advanced production process, which combines the respective advantages of those two materials with synergistic effect, thereby improved the purifying effect obviously.

  • Coagulant for paper-making wastewater—TJP-101

    This product is an inorganic macromolecular coagulant. It is widely applied in paper & pulp making, printing & dyeing waste water treatment. The product has especially good effect on the treatment of pulp making waste water.

  • Coagulant for Coke plant wastewater- TJT-101

    This product is a new-type coagulant with high efficiency. It is widely used in the industrial wastewater purification. The appearance of the solid product is faint yellow amorphous solid, and the liquid product is reddish brown solution.

  • Polyacrylamide—TJPAM-101

    This product is technically named Polyacrylamide, which is a water soluble macromolecular polymer. It is insoluble in most organic solvents. It generates a good flocculation and reduces the resistance between liquids.